As you can see we have added a new theme “Endurance”, that is slightly different from the previous one “Fortitude”. This one is a little more sleeker, lightweight, faster, and fewer HTTP calls. We have also updated our billing system to run on PHP7 for better security and speed.

There are npw more ways to get support! LIVE Chat support has been added for sales & technical support. While this is available, support tickets is still the best way to get support. We just don’t have the resources to have the LIVE Chat manned 24/7, but it is planned. We have added telephone support for all departments simply by calling 704.200.2882. If no one answers, voicemails are recording and auto-forwarded as a ticket to the proper support department. This way we can continue to track support, even with telephone calls.

We have also added a “Link Directory” service for those interested for a small fee found in Business Solutions. Whether or not we keep this service depends really on how many use it. Calendar & Project pages have been scrapped for the time being. The Calendar page will eventually be back, but Project pages is still up in the air at the moment.

Further plans include updating and re-formatting the Terms Of Service so that it is easier to read and find the information you are looking for, theme polishing, homepage data/design, and add datacenters to the Hosting Network page.



Monday, January 30, 2017

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