This month several things have been worked on and tweaked. Most of it was done on the backend or overall operations of the business, and some of it was done to the website. We have added product ratings to all products visible by all, rated only on feedback from purchaser's. We included ratings from years past. Also, we added several knowledgebase articles with alot more to come. Also note, that our domain pricing increased from $12 to $15, due to circumstances beyond our control. We do not make any more profit from this increase than we did before.

We also added a regitsration fee of $1, for those who wish to join our site, but do not want to make a purchase any of our solutions. Previously, to join our site a purchase of a product or service was required. This reason for this is to cut back on spam and fraudulent accounts. Now, you have the option of just paying the registration fee and use a promo to get that dollar back as credit. There is no need to pay a registration fee if you are purchasing a product or solution.

We have done an overhaul of our about page. There is alot more information there, and we had to put our team on a page of their own. The about page now includes branding and marketing information so that we can have a little bit of transparency with our clients; and they aware of our intentions and goals. We will add more information in the month of April. We also added a "Toolbox" section in the about page that illustrates particular tools we use to run our business and build our solutions that we offer to clients.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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