We wanted to do something different with our about page compared to others do. Instead of trying to promote our company, hype it up, or advertise our products & solutions, we thought it would be great to actually & truly tell you something about us. This way, you can learn who we really are on an inside level, how great we can be personally, and how honest we are about our beliefs & practices...

Our Company

Xarcell Studios, LLC is a family run business and takes pride in it's accomplishments. Since it's inception, Xarcell Studios has overseen the development & start-up of at least 14 online companies, the publishing of a book with several in the works, photographed weddings, designed over 100+ themes for various web applications, and sank in over 3000+ volunteer hours in FOSS CMS software development.

We believe in small businesses because they are essential part of strong communities and the working middle class. Xarcell Studios is a small business itself, and we want to stay that way. We have no interest in becoming this giant conglomerate corporation that puts it’s investors & share holders before it’s own customers. This is why we are a DEBT FREE company! We expand and grow based on our overhead profits. Not by taking out loans, or accepting investments from a third party, then making our customers suffer by cutting corners to pay back those loans andor investors.

While we accept partners and customers on a global scale, Xarcell Studios focuses on small businesses within the local area of: Kannapolis North Carolina, 28083, of the United States. This is our Primary Niche that allows us face-to-face, provider-to-client interaction, that builds deep rooted relationships that we are known for.

The History

This company was founded in 2005 by Draven Xarcell Vestatt when his hobbies turned into a part-time money making profession and he acquired his first business license and domain name for it. Today, it is a full-time profession that provides: web hosting, web design, graphic design, photography, business branding, business development, and it are still branching out into other fields & industries.

Within the company existed several subsidiaries that has came and gone over the years, which you may or may not have heard of; such as: XarBay, XarArtz, XarThemes, XarDesigns, XarHosting, XarPixels, XarPhotography, XarFureo, XarBooks, and XarGames. However, in order to streamline workflow, management, and costs of these companies; the subsidiaries were abolished in 2012 and these services are now offered by Xarcell Studios alone. While remnants of some of these subsidiaries still exist on the web; they are no longer operational and are left behind as a legacy.

Mailing AddressXarcell Studios, LLC
P.O. Box 336
Kannapolis, NC, 28083

Our Business Plan

This is a summarized section from our business plan. Not everything in our business plan is mentioned here because we want to keep a leg up on our competitors, or by not giving away too many secrets of our successes. We only mention here what we feel directly effects our customers or clients on a need to know basis. We feel it is important for our clients to know how they are targeted, marketed to, and plan to be treated by our company & staff.

The Mission Statement

It is our mission is to provide superior small business solutions for our customers, through knowledgeable staff, in collaboration with certified vendors, by means of developed modern technologies. To ensure that all solutions offered to our customers, are peer-reviewed approved, and meet today’s top standards in the business, design, hosting, and photography industries. More especially, to provide as much transparency about our company, it’s practices, without injury to itself, our clients, or potential customers.

The Keys To Success

  • Be The Lowest Cost Operator.
  • Develop Systems That Take Little Or No Maintenance.
  • Maintain And Keep Up-To-Date Contingency And Expansion Plans.
  • Offer Simple & Easy To Use Web Interface For Ordering, Billing, And Support.
  • Offer Simple, Clear, And Precise Solutions For Customers.
  • Treat Customers With Patience, Respect, And Understanding.

The Marketing

How a company markets itself and solutions is as important as the products or services it offers. Some companies have some pretty nasty practices, such as: unhealthy food being marketed to children, forced acquisition & closing rising competitors, invalid lawsuits to prevent competitor growth, etc. We want our principles of growth and marketing practices to be transparent to our customers so that they can better understand our goals and actions.

The Segmentation

  • Small To Mid-Size Businesses [3-500 Employees]
  • Businesses That Need Branding Redone
  • Business That Are Cosolidating Or Merging
  • New Business Start-ups Or Kickstarter Campaigns
  • Existing Businesses That Need An Online Presense
  • Websites That Need Content Or Better SEO

The Demograph (By Priority)

  • City Of Kannapolis
  • Cities Surrounding Kannapolis [50 Miles]
  • State Of North Carolina
  • All States Within The United States
  • European Countries
  • All Other Countries Around The World

The Advertising

The company will run ads through third-party systems such as adsense, across various websites that are visited by our targeted audience. To run promotions on various solutions within our own website. To develop a rich affiliate campaign that empowers it’s affiliates with the right tools.

Our Branding

We strive to be seen as a company of quality solutions for small businesses and hero for the working middle class. We want our customers to feel respected, comfortable, and empowered in all interactions with us. Small businesses should feel like they are doing business with a equal partner, not being sub-servant to a larger company who manages or controls their assets. We wish to be seen as professional, creative, passionate, and for having keen attention to detail by the world around us. We want people to hear about the positive things that we have done for our clients, free open source software, communities, and the environment.

We pledge to never discriminate or show favoritism, to any person or company, solely based creed, race, religion, gender, martial status, financial status, living status, notoriety, or political affiliation; as long as said person or company is not hateful, disruptive, disrespectful, and abides by it’s own local laws, and the laws of the United Sates & North Carolina.

The Name

Xarcell Studios
The first part of the name "Xarcell", is taken from the founder, owner, and CEO's middle name. The second part of the name being "Studios", which by definition means: "a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc., works.".

The Taglines & Music

  • Bringing Your Business Online!™
  • In Business For Online Small Businesses™
  • Big Solutions For Small Businesses™

The Sales Limerick

We Provide Fast, Cheap, & Quality Solutions.
Pick Any Two:

  • If it is Fast & Cheap, it won't have Quality.
  • If it is Fast & with Quality, it won't be Cheap.
  • If it is Cheap & with Quality, it won't be Fast.

The Wanted Associations

We are honored to be associated, promoted with, advertised with, work with, compared to, and recognized by free & open source communities, children protection communities, environmental protection communities, and as well our direct competitors; unless otherwise listed.

The Unwanted Associations

We refuse to be associated, promoted with, advertised with, work with, andor compared to companies that disobey their own local laws and the laws of North Carolina & The United States; nor companies that promote political, hateful, disrespectful, and disruptive agendas.

The Identity

Our identity consists of a logo that illustrates a illuminated light-bulb, keyhole, & necktie; which symbolizes that Xarcell Studios understands that creative, bright, and professional ideas are key to coming up with small business solutions. Our compay colors consist mostly of dark & light grey tones, with basic colors illustrating calls-to-action or notification. Our company’s primary typeface is “Dosis”, a sans-serif based font used mostly only for the company name. The secondary alternative typeface being “Anton”, a serif based font, which is mostly used for headlines or titles. The third alternative typeface being used is “Raleway”, a sans-serif based font, which is mostly used for other headlines or main content.



Light 1: #ffffff
Light 2: #dddddd
Light 3: #cccccc
Dark 1: #191919
Dark 2: #222222
Dark 3: #292929
Color 1: #2caaca
Color 1 ALT: #2e6da4
Color 2: #449d44
Color 2 ALT: #398439
Color 3: #f0ad4e
Color 3 ALT: #eea236
Color 4: #d9534f
Color 4 ALT: #d9534f


All music listed here are trademarked, coprighted, and owned by Xarcell Studios.

Site/Video Music
Phone On-Hold Music

Our Toolbox

Ubuntu, CentOS, CloudLinux, Litespeed, Android, iOS, Windows, Fedora, WHM, cPanel, Apache, PHP, RubyOnRails, RubyGems, Perl, Dart, Javascript, Nodejs, Angularjs, Python, Go, RUST, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, phpMyAdmin, Git, Chromium, Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, MicrosoftOffice, GoogleSuite, LibreOffice, OnlyOffice, AdobeSuite, Zoho, DarkTable, Inkscape, Gimp, XAMPP, Softaculous, Codiad, Varish, SpamExperts, CloudFlare, KeyCDN, Comodo, RapidSSL, Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, NetEarthOne, eNom, Skype, HipChat, MagicJack, Asterisk, ServerMania, WHMCS, GardenModules, NoHalfPixels, HardSoftCode, MyWorksDesign, EasyWHMCS, FraudRecord, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Joomla, Grav, Microweber, Bootstrap, Foundation, Normalize, SCSS, Less, XML, HTML, Validator, GradientCSS3,,, FontAwesome, Icomoon, Spectrum, Zoiper, FlyNumber, Quickbooks, AmazonWebServices, AmazonPayments, PayPal, Stripe, JukeDeck, jsFiddle, CodePen, StackExchange, GitHub,, GTMetrix, Flickr, Disquis, Blogger, Pixlr, Paletton, Coolors, AdobeKuler, MaterialPalette, ColorHexa, Evanto.

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