Meet The Team

Here are the teams that keep Xarcell Studios running smoothly and efficiently. We are proud of our creative works and meet challenges with enthusiasm. We also are tight niched group of workers and have become avid admirers of each other’s work. Please note: that some of the team members have altered their identities here because they only work for Xarcell Studios part-time, or on-call, may work with alternate non-competitive companies, or freelance to make ends meet.

The Executive Team

Chief Excutive Officer: Draven Xarcell Vestatt

A father, husband, Freemason, philanthropist, spiritualist, and author. I have an education in hypnotherapy and e-business. I have 14 years experience in web development, 12+ years in retail, 5+ years in photography, 5+ years in technical writing, and 3+ years in web hosting.

Chief Technical Officer: Scarlet Fox

Powered by coffee, I work on Linux systems daily BASHing away, and using my code-fu to maintain a few minor open source packages. On occasion I maintain packages for Ubuntu Linux, set up and operate game servers on Linux machines, contribute open source patches, and advocate for Linux use.

Chief Sales Officer: Christal Dobria Vestatt

A mother, model, and baker from the Philippines that is loyal, sassy, and married to Draven. I have 9+ years of retail experience, specializing in consumer relationships, and Xarcell Studios supporter. I also enjoy the culinary arts, and currently manage my own cake business on the side.

Chief Complianace Officer: Lamora "Mora" Vestatt

In charge of quality control with her cold hard stare, sharp claws, pointy teeth, and a hiss that petrifies anyone who hears it. At the end of a long day of hard work she expects to be brushed, and given affection. Although, she is currently on company probation for accepting kitty treats as bribes from the staff.

The Outsourced Team

Professional Voice Actress: Emily "Honey" Dundee

I am a Voice Actress with over 13+ years experience in everything from video games to phone systems to explainer videos to children's books. I am originally from the South East of England and have a natural British accent, as well as a Standard American accent from living in the US for 15 years.

Professional Writer & Journalist: Donovan Alexander

I am a grandfather, veteran, and retired journalist. I am a professional writer with over 9 years of experience writing & editing news columns. I write about 1-3 SEO optimized articles daily, on various topics, ranging from: IT, tutorials, health, movies, music, video games, politics, and lifestyle.

SEO Specialist & Analyst: Mark Henry-Soto

I’m a qualified SEO professional with solid experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics, seo rankings monitoring, keyword research, site auditing methods, social media optimization and link building. I also manage over 1000 blogs & websites, with my own advertising network.

eBook Cover Artist: Johanna Johnson

I’m eccentric, lesbian, and a brilliant person with a BFA degree. I am proud of every cover that I create, pour my heart and soul into every project, and complete them on time. I have completed over 20k+ projects in the past five years. In my spare time I like visiting nightclubs and family.

Digital Pohotography Artist: Agoston Alfredus

I speak three languages: Siberian, Hungarian, and English. I have traveled the world and seen it’s beauties and it is reflected in my work. Photography art is my life, and there is nothing I enjoy more. I produce over a thousand high quality digital photo art a year for clients, aside from my normal digital drawings.

Wordpress Theme Developer: Pamela Hooks

Hello, my name is Pamela. I consider myself an expert with wordpress and have over 5 years of experience as a wordpress theme developer. In those five years I have designed and delivered almost a thousand themes. I also enjoy coffee in the morning before work, and the occasional smell of freshly ground peppercorns.

iOS & Android APP Developer: Meero Gorgei

I am Pakistani/Italian named Meero Gorgei who is a software engineer and I like working on Android/iOS application development. I also have experience in different programming languages such as Java, Javascript, C# , PHP, Python, C and C++. I really want to prove my talent here at Xarcell Studios.

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